Welcome night


Welcome to all souls out there. I know there are so many of us. I’m  finally starting to write my own blog. There will be no rules, only heart  🙂

As this night go by I’m wishing that I could fly right into this painting. Sometimes all we need is silent beauty for ourselves but sometimes we have to face that the reality is inevitably. So what we can do to make it more inviting like this photo?


4 thoughts on “Welcome night

  1. aysabaw says:

    Thanks for following and welcome to blogosphere 😀

    All of us have our own share of ugly past, wounds might heal but scars will always remain but we have to move on and charge them to experience.

    Well good luck to your blogging and hope to see more of your posts! 😀


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  2. earnestlydebra says:

    Among life’s hardest lessons must be learning we are vulnerable. Not one of us escapes childhood without making questionable choices. It’s a part of how we learn. Your mistake was believing you were in a safe place. Congratulations on your new blog! Thanks for sharing your light with others. Debra


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