Two houses


Deep deep deep in the forest there were two houses.

They were always empty and happy. Never knowing how it is to have someone to take care of you. But one day house with a blue door offered to a little rabbit a place to rest, after digging all day in searching for carrots. Rabbit started to jump like crazy. He was so happy.

Don’t worry house I will take care of you- said rabbit. House opened blue door and let rabbit in. After watching what happened, the other house began to complain. It didn’t understand why house next to him need someone dirty as rabbit. For days house with blue door tried to convince other house to take in squirrel. She needed a shelter after people tore down her tree. House was stubborn.

No! she will destroy my inside interior- said house. So squirrel went inside a house with blue door. Three of them were really happy. Always singing and smiling. Often they wanted to talk to the other house but the house kept quiet.

And so the winter came. It was freezing outside. Rabbit and squirrel started to collect firewood so that interior get warmth they needed to spend night in. House next to them was still very quiet. It started to worry rabbit so much that he couldn’t sleep very well that night.

Next morning he stood in front of the door of the stubborn house. Open! Come on don’t be so stubborn. I will be cleaner I promise. – said rabbit, but house not said a word. When night came into the forest, strong winter wind started blowing. House with blue door stand the whole time firmly on his feet because he was warm enough and filled with love.

Other house vanished.Wind destroyed the house entirely.

So stubborn and proud, but so lonely and weak…


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