Are you strong?



That night I fall asleep on the grass. It was still warm from a hot day.

There were hundred of ants on the ground. If I’ve stopped breathing I could hear ants walking. They were producing rhythm that never stopped. Over and over repeating itself. It was driving me crazy, but yet after few minutes I could freely fly from the grass into my dreams..

 I dreamed about me, only I was big and strong. I was a lion..

Finally I’ve had a good hair 🙂

Adapting to my new body I started to run. Oh it was so magnificent. Those big paws just flaunting through the grass. Looking so far away, but still be so small. Feeling all scents in a big wet nose..

It was morning but I couldn’t let go. I never wanted to go back. Being a lion is everything to me now. I’ve decided to stay. So I lay down again. My big eyes couldn’t stop watching me in my thoughts. There was I, standing all alone. I was weak and so small. It’s better to be a lion cause no one can hurt me..

Girl had fall down on her knees. Her hands were covering her head. As a lion I could still felt compassion for that girl. I knew that I have to go back, but it was so hard to let go. I knew that dream isn’t my real home, still I was more understood here. As the time was crawling I realize there was connection between lion and the girl. I was that girl. I needed me cause I was both.

I was girl with a lions heart. A girl that needed her lion as much as lion needed that girl.

He would gave me strength and I would set him free.


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